Types Of Exotic Wood Flooring

[Old World] Annecy-01Exotic wood floors, as the name implies is floors manufactured from raw materials sourced from a number of those thickest corners of the earth. Exotic hardwoods are generally found in warm or tropical climates, so by implication don’t grow in the UK. Located in nations like South America, Africa, Australia, the Far East and certain parts of Europe, exotic forests are recognised particularly for their rich color and distinctive grain patterns.

All of that said, exotic wood flooring has its fair share of criticism rather than being harvested in a sustainable way. Sustainable harvesting of timber is not only topical; it’s something which shouldn’t be taken lightly when creating your hardwood flooring purchasing choices. Illegal logging is prevalent in many of the states in which exotic wood is produced, so it is doubly important when making your exotic wood purchasing decisions which you make good choices. Wood which is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) licensed is certified as having come from forests which are responsibly managed and is a great way of earning certain you’re making responsible decisions concerning your flooring job.

At one time exotic wood flooring was significantly more expensive than traditional hardwood floors, but thanks to the opening up of international trading, the cost distinction is no longer really so significant. The likes of mahogany, Brazilian cherry, Black Acacia, African wenge and tiger timber are a few of the exotic wood flooring options you are likely to encounter. While it’s accurate to say exotic woods can look really stunning at the right interior surroundings, it’s important to choose the right flooring for your job throughout the board.

When it comes to deciding which type of flooring is Ideal for you, You Have to Take into Consideration such matters as:

Consequently, if you’ve researched the choices offered by exotic floors and have reached the conclusion that it’s not quite right for you, what other options might you consider? Oak and walnut, are one of the most frequent traditional woods chosen for flooring in the UK, closely followed with the likes of cherry and walnut. Every one of these flooring choices includes its own attributes and charm and that you may opt for will depend ultimately on the appearance you are trying to achieve. What each of those woods have in common with their exotic counterparts is their durability and their credibility.

So, regardless of whether you decide on a more customary solid hardwood flooring in walnut or the likes of a black walnut or cumaru floor, you can be sure your investment will last a lengthy period . Equally with engineered hardwood floors , irrespective of whether you plump for a traditional or more exotic appearance, you’re going to be able to achieve a stable and eye-catching outcome, even in the likes of your bathroom or your kitchen.


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